Below are some of my favorite items that I frequently recommend. I have provided them here for the ease and convenience of having my recommendations just a click away! 

Click on the picture to be linked directly to Amazon. I do receive a commission for any products sold through my links at Amazon at no extra cost to you, but you are welcome to shop locally for these products as well! 

I also like Target and Meijer for their breastfeeding options.

Slow Flow Bottles - There are many other great bottles out there, but I like the shape and slow flow of these nipples.

Evenflo Balance - Also comes in glass but often sold out. Check Target or Meijer for in-store options

Pigeon SS or S Bottle

Sore Nipples

Silverettes - Any brand will do as long as they are real silver

Hydrogel Pads

Painful Pumping

Probiotics  / Plugged ducts / Mastitis

For Mom's gut health

For Baby's Gut Health

Plugged Ducts

Milk production

Breastfeeding Aides

Brestfriend Nursing Pillow


Smaller Flange Sizes