We Accept Insurance!

I am happy to announce that I am working with Lactation Network to work with some insurance plans for lactation coverage. If you have BCBS PPO (and subsidiaries such as Anthem, Primera, or Empire,) Cigna, United Healthcare, or Aetna, please see insurance page or click the link above to check on coverage for your individual plan. If approved, you will receive 2-3 breastfeeding consults with no up front cost to you!

Many insurance companies will cover breastfeeding education before baby is born as well as breastfeeding consults and return-to-work consults. Apply above to see if I can work directly with your insurance company for free coverage.

If you do not have the above coverage, see the prices listed below. I will provide a superbill following our visit for you to attempt reimbursement with your insurance, as well as guidance on how to proceed with that process. See insurance page for more details. I can also accept HSA/FSA card payments.

Increased Covid-19 Precautions: According to CDC healthcare recommendations, I will be taking extra precautions for the protection of myself and your family. I will be wearing a facemask during our visit. I will also be wearing gloves and using hand sanitizer throughout the visit. All equipment is thoroughly sanitized prior to and after your appointment. I am fully vaccinated and boosted for Covid-19 as of December 2021. Thank you for your understanding during this difficult time.

Initial Lactation Consult

90-120 Minutes

In-Home - $170* - This includes all travel costs for Breastfeeding Specialist to come to you in your home!

Virtual - $100*

This private initial visit includes a health and birth history for both mom and baby which will be emailed to you prior to our visit in order to provide more time working together. Lactation consultant will come to you (or virtually) to provide a personalized plan and observe a feeding in the comfort of your own home. Includes an assessment of baby's oral structure, mom's anatomy, weighed breastfeeding session, customized care plan with practical tips to continue beyond our visit. I will also fax a copy of care plan to pediatrician on your behalf. A superbill will be provided if paying out of pocket for insurance reimbursement (please see insurance page for more info on submitting for reimbursement.) This cost also includes 2 weeks of follow up care via phone, email, or messaging.

*Price based on singleton, please call for prices of twins or more.

Call (269) 697-1088 for an appointment!

Follow Up Consultation

60-90 Minutes

In-Home - $ 145*

Virtual - $75*

Continue care with a private follow up consultation. We will review progress of care plan, evaluate quality of feeding with another full weighed breastfeeding session, and discuss problems and successes. You will receive a customized care plan to continue care following appointment. This visit also includes 2 weeks of follow up via phone, email, or messaging to address any further questions or celebrate successes! A superbill will again be provided for possible reimbursement from insurance.

*Price based on singleton, please call for prices of twins or more.

Prenatal Consult

90-120 Minutes

In-Home - $140 - This includes all travel costs for Breastfeeding Specialist to come to you in your home!

Virtual - $75

The joy of breastfeeding is just around the corner... This should be something to anticipate with excitement, not confusion, nervousness, or blank thoughts towards. Take the opportunity for a one-on-one session to answer all those questions you may have about nursing.

We will discuss what to expect in the first few days of nursing, how to know if baby is getting enough milk, how to position baby for the best latch and least pain, what are the breastfeeding "must-haves", when to start pumping, how to prepare for nursing, and best of all, answer any questions and concerns YOU have!

There is SO much information out there and can be so overwhelming. I'd love to help take the confusion and overwhelm out of these last months of pregnancy by helping you prepare for the breastfeeding journey.

Back-to-Work Consult

In-home or virtual

Call for pricing or check for insurance coverage

For many mamas, returning to work is hard enough on its own, but even harder when trying to figure out how to balance nursing with pumping, and what that will look like in the workplace.

This is a one-on-one session to help prepare you as much as possible for those first days away from baby. During our time together, we will go over pumping strategies to maximize production, preparing milk for daycare, when and how to pump at work, talking to your employer about pumping, what to do if milk production decreases, and any other questions or concerns that you have.

It is my goal for you to feel comfortable and confident with pumping and providing mama's milk for your baby when you are away from him/her, so that you can enjoy being back to work instead of dreading it.

Nutrition for the Breastfeeding Mama

In-home or virtual

Call for pricing or check for insurance coverage

If you're like many other women out there, you would give anything for your little one, but you also want to be healthy yourself.

It is important to approach a postpartum health plan for yourself keeping your baby's needs in minds too. Breastfeeding requires many nutrients from mama, but that doesn't mean you can't work towards your goals of returning to a healthy shape and size while keeping up your milk supply.

I would love to help you find an eating plan that makes you feel great and reach your health goals while breastfeeding!

Introducing Solids for the Older Baby

In-home or virtual

Call for pricing or check for insurance coverage

Many parents eagerly await the day that their little one is ready to try their first solid food! This is a fun and exciting stage to watch baby go through (so many great first-food-faces!)

There can be so many questions that come along with this time as well, such as, "What to offer first?", "What is baby-led weaning?", "Should my baby be eating more foods or breastfeeding more?"

Let's have a conversation together to discuss what your goals are for breastfeeding and solids. We'll come up with a plan that makes you feel confident and enjoy this stage in your baby's life without the worry.

Just have a few questions?

Schedule a virtual chat with me! 30 minutes for $20.

Many times breastfeeding is going great but you may have just a few questions regarding what is normal baby behavior, when to start solids, going back to work, to pump or not to pump, or just how often is this baby supposed to poop?? I'd love to help! I can give you one-on-one attention and provide some great resources from trusted sources.

No assessments will be done or care plans given with this appointment. If you have specific questions regarding the intake or quality of feeds for your baby, I suggest scheduling a consultation above. If any questions regarding the health of your baby, please call your pediatrician.

Service range for in-home visits include a 40 mile radius of Marshall, MI. This includes Battle Creek, Kalamazoo, Richland, Coldwater, Bronson, Sturgis, Quincy, Jonesville, Hillsdale, Union City, Spring Arbor, Jackson, Albion, Olivet, Charlotte, and Parma. If you have any questions about whether you are in our service range, please call (269) 697-1088.